Monday, April 26, 2010


This past week was April vacation here in Massachusetts.  On Monday my mom brought over some plants from her garden to transplant into ours.  My mom, my step-father, my husband, and I spent the day digging and planting and we still had more to do.  We did a little more during the week, but then the weekend came and we pretty much spent all day Saturday and Sunday digging, planting and cleaning up 3 of our gardens.  It was a ton of work, but it felt so good to be outside in some absolutely beautiful weather.  We got a lot done, but still have a little more to go.  The butterfly garden is looking really good.  I need to still get another plant for a planter, a garden angel and that may be it for the butterfly garden.  For the gardens in the front of the house, I want to get a boy figurine since I already have a boy and girl together.  Sounds kind of corny, but I'd love to have a figurine for all 3 kids.  I also need to get a clay saucer to fix a simple bird bath that I made and I may want to make another one for the other side.  I also want to get a couple of figurines for the other side of the house.  We still have a lot of work to do on the yard.  We are planning on tilling an area in the back for a veggie garden, which I hope will provide a bunch of veggies for us this summer and hopefully enough to preserve for later.  And, now looking at pictures of the front of the house, I think I still want to do more there too.  We'll see.  Since we are on a pretty tight budget, I am trying to be good at not spending a ton of money.  I love gardening!

Right front side of the house

Close up of the right front side

Left front side of the house

South side of the house butterfly garden!

On an unrelated not, with the weather getting warmer, I have been thinking about the covers for the cloth diapers that the kids wear.  I am thinking that we may want or even need to change to fleece or wool for breathability.  It can be pretty expensive to get enough covers for all 3 kids, so I am thinking of attempting to make my own.  I found a pattern on line for free that I may try.  From what I can see and what I have read, it is simple to make and I have a ton of fleece so I won't need to buy anything new right now.  If it works out and I want to make more later, I can get more then, but for now I have more than enough.

The twins are taking their nap and I really need to start cleaning while they are asleep.  I really hate housework, but unfortunately it needs to get done.  I may need to put a video on for my older son so that I have some time to do things with out him needing my full on attention.  The letter factory is m favorite for this and the best part is he is starting to learn his alphabet.  Awesome!!!!!

Wish me luck getting all that I have to get accomplished completed!


  1. yay! I gardened this weekend too and it felt so good. I find it hard sometimes to envision what these tiny seeds and plants will look like in 2 months time, but then July arrives and the yard is bursting with color and produce. So amazing to me!

  2. I am hoping that the plants will fill in more as they grow (hopefully they will grow). I still need to get some more things to fill in a little. I'll be posting more pictures as the garden grows and will add the veggie garden pictures as we get there!