Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting Ready For The Christmas Season

It will be a very simple Christmas this year.  Mainly shopping for the kids, not really the adults.  I plan to do simple gifts and handcrafted gifts this year for most people, it's the teenagers in the group that I am nervous about making things for.  I told my husband that I want us each to make something for the kids for Christmas.  I want him to make the kids a wooden car each and I want to make Eva Rose a doll, Michael will get an Elmo blanket,  and I'm not sure what Thomas will get.  I would love to start a tradition that every year the kids get something handmade and in time get them to make things for others.

I am looking forward to continuing my steps to being healthier.  My goal is to eat less meat and more fruits and veggies.  I got a comment on my vegetarianism post that really has me thinking.  I will never go 100% vegetarianism or worse vegan, but I will decrease the amount of meat, especially red meat and maybe even go for more organic, better treated animals.  I would also like to start eating more beans and ethnic foods.  I want to eat healthy, but also have some really good flavors and I think that eating ethnically helps with flavors.  Getting ready for the holidays, means that eating healthy to be even more important and more difficult.

For Thanksgiving, I made spiced nuts and candy bark.  It was so good and so much fun to bring something different to people's houses.  I loved that people actually asked me where I got the nuts and were surprised when I said that I made them.  It's always so much fun to make something and have people not realize that it is homemade, yet be really happy that it is.

We need to decorate for Christmas.  This year should be interesting, since we have 3 kids under 2.  I am looking forward to decorating and celebrating Christmas now that we have ids, but I also need to ensure that the kids are safe!


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