Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Crafts

My latest creative endeavor is that of making Christmas stockings for the 3 kids.  I am currently embroidering on the embroidery machine with their name and maybe even their 1st Christmas year.  Eva Rose is going to have a Christmas Tree with presents underneath and I'm not sure what the boys will have.

I am also trying to think if I can make things for gifts.  First of all I have so many supplies that it will be good to use up some, it will be good not to have to spend money, and it will be nice to have things that are handmade.  I just now need to think what to give everyone and figure out if I have the time to complete things.  I have 4 necklaces that I will be giving to some family that I hope will have special meaning behind it.  I am also thinking that there are some other jewelry projects that I can make that will also have special meaning behind them.

I also want to start the tradition of making things for the kids each year.  They'll get other things also (store bought), but I think it's nice to have something special that mom and dad have made with their own hands. I plan to make a doll for my daughter and a blanket for my older son, and i need to figure out what to make for my youngest son.

Also for decorating for Christmas, I was thinking if I could make some ornaments that are not breakable for the lower half of the tree that would be awesome.  Then the tree could be fully decorated and safe with 3 babies on the move.

On to working on the stockings!


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