Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

Jamie Ridler from asks what do you wish to dare.

I wish to dare trusting myself.  Mainly this has to do with being a mom.  I have 3 kids, a 20 month old boy and 9 1/2 month old girl/boy twins.  It's amazing how things change when you go from 1 child to 3 in under a year.  With my older son.  I pretty much did what I felt was right.  I did succumb to trying out others suggestions, even though I knew that it wouldn't work for me and my situation.  But, ultimately I did what I thought was best.  Now with 3, I seem to be looking everywhere but within me for the answers to caring for my kids.  I belong to a twins group and as helpful as they have been, they are not the be all and end all to taking care of children.  Sometimes I remember to trust myself, but not always and unfortunately more often than not I tend not to trust my instincts.  Fortunately when it matters, I do trust my instincts, like when my 2 weeks old premature son was sick I knew something was wrong and he ended up in the NICU at Children's Hospital Boston, then a week later my daughter started to experience the same symptoms, my husband  and I knew that she needed to be admitted also.  Both were extremely sick and all the nurses and doctors praised us for trusting to know when our children were sick.  As crazy as it sounds, sometimes it's tough to know these things.  So I wish to trust my maternal instincts, listen to others advice, but only take what I need and not accept that everything everyone tells me is gospel.

On the same vein, I also wish to dare trusting my judgement when it comes to choosing my career path.  2 years ago, I got my MSW and now I am thinking of doing something different.  Something more creative.  I have thought about going back to school for a certificate in art therapy, but with 3 kids that may not be so doable.

I really wish to dare to trust myself in all aspects of my life!



  1. As Amy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  2. As Amy wishes for herself so I wish for her also. I think it is amazing that you have time to that you have time to blog with so many little ones. Be gentle with yourself.