Monday, November 23, 2009

Cooking for Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving will be a little different.  We will only be going to 1 of our family's house this year.  Usually, we do brunch with my family then we have dinner with my husband's family.  For the last few years that has meant Mass and either Conn or Maine.  I have also had the benefit of cooking the main course for brunch.  This year all I have to do is make an appetizer.  There will be other appetizers that sound yummy and I don't want to take away from them, but I want to make sure that what I make tastes good and is also seasonally related.  I went on-line and found a huge amount of recipes that all sound so good.  I think I decided on spiced nuts and candied bark.  I am really looking forward to making these new recipes.  They seem easy enough and maybe even can be made ahead of time so that I am not rushed Thanksgiving Day.  This year, even though we only have to go to one house, we have 3 small kids to get ready.  I am so looking forward to the holidays now that we have 3 kids.  With Christmas coming, I am looking forward to taking them to see lights and maybe even sing Christmas carols, never mind Santa.  I know that they are still way to small to even know what is happening this holiday and maybe even next year, but I know that Tom and I will have the memories of this first Christmas with our complete family.

Now I have to figure out what container to use!


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  1. Let us know how those spiced nuts turn out! I have never made them but as a foodie have always wanted to try. The closest I have gotten is candied pecans. Happy Thanksgiving!