Thursday, June 21, 2012

NuNaturals Giveaway Winners

Molly, TJ, Beth and Hinterlands are the winners of the NuNaturals.  I have sent the info to NuNaturals, but I don't have Molly's contact info.  Molly please send me your e-mail info so that I can pass it on to NuNaturals as well as e-mail you info on the next step.

I hope everyone enjoys.  I used the Lemon liquid stevia today in Lemon Seltzer so that my kids could have  a healthier soda.  They loved it!  I loved using the vanilla liquid stevia in my white, berry rooibos, and mint green tea.  I loved it!



  1. yay!!! How fun! Thanks so much Amy and NuNaturals!!!!

  2. Can't believe I won!!! YEAH.... funny I just purchased the orange at our health food store. Made my water taste like an orange slice candy with just a few drops....YUM! I will pass on my orange to someone else...or my kids may commandeer it. =)

  3. TY so very much for hosting the giveaway! I am looking forward to receiving the flavored stevia! Use regular all the time but never used the flavored so this will be an awesome treat!