Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Latest Projects

A while ago, I decided I wanted to make myself a baby carrier.  So, I looked up a tutorial on the internet and found one, bought my supplies and made one.  I have actually used it a decent amount of times especially given that I finally made it when the kids were older and most people don't start using Mei Tai style carriers at that age, but it worked for us.

finished carrier

My daughter in the carrier

Over the last few days, my daughter started asking for a carrier for her baby doll Rapunzel.  I looked online for some simple tutorials, knowing that I could probably figure it out myself.  I figured, I had already made one for a baby, this one was just for a doll.

I decided to make a rectangle 13"x15" with fleece material and blanket stitched the sides.  I then used flannel material 8" wide by 42" long and folded the edges into the middle and then folded it in half and sandwiched the rectangle in the middle and stitched along the top.  I then cut more flannel about 6" wide by 45" long (this really depends on the size of the child, my daughter is small).  I folded this in half and stitched along the top and the long side.  I then sandwiched it between the 2 rectangle pieces and stitched across the top of the rectangle.  I could have done more to make it a little more neat, but I just wanted a quick prototype to see how it would work out.  After I finished sewing it, I put it on my daughter the same way you do a real Mei Tai.  I personally think it came out cute and would love to make more!  Only this time, I want to spend more time and make it a little neater!

Front of the carrier on my daughter

Back of the carrier on my daughter


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