Friday, June 8, 2012

Latest Projects

As I've written before, I am trying to make time to be creative every day.  This week, I have been trying to finish up some WIP's (works in progress), while attempting to use up some of my stash.  I had already finished my daughter's, and last night I finished her twin brother's.  I now have to finish my older son's afghan, a shawl or maybe lapghan for my mom, and start on for me and my husband.  I am also making some doll size ones to donate to my mother of twin's group for their table at the annual convention.  I am only hoping that they will like them.  I know that one that is almost finished is one that I really like.

Thomas' granny square afghan

The one for me and my husband should be interesting.  He has asked me to also make a quilt the same way.  See, his legs get warm at night, so he likes having them uncovered.  He has requested a quilt and/or an afghan that is in the shape of an L so that I am warm and his upper body is warm, but his legs stay cool.

I LOVE MAKING GRANNY SQUARES!  The afghan's I have made have all been granny square afghans so far.  This will actually lend itself to the L shape that my husband is looking for!  I just pinned a ton of granny square things to my crochet board.  I'm hoping that the weather stays nice and the kids can play outside while I crochet some more and maybe finish a couple more doll afghans sooner than later.

Oh, and I made a pair of earrings and a hand stamped washer pendant this week too.  I am hoping to donate some handmade jewelry to the twin's group too!

hand stamped washer pendant



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