Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Joy Diet:Desire

I found this blog that talked about The Joy Diet, a book from Martha Beck and decided to join in.  The current topic is desire.  I think when we first think about the word desire we think more about sexual desire, but for me right now desire is what do I most want out of life.  I desire to have fun with my 3 kids, I desire to have a happy, healthy life and home, I desire to be more creative, and I desire to ensure that my husband and I have time to share with each other!  I pretty much am able to ensure that all of this happens, but I am no where near as creative as I would like to be.  With 3 kids 19 months and 8 1/2 months, it is difficult to find time to meet all of one's desires.

I think that there is one desire that I am no where near fulfilling.  I want to find what I want to do with my life.  What is my passion?  What can I do for work that will allow me to provide for my family while stimulating my desires and passions and make me happy?  I know that being creative in my life's work is very important, I just haven't found how to do that!  One day I will find my true passion and a way to make it work to help provide for my family.

With the next chapter being creativity, I plan to start a new creative endeavor this week!  I still need scarecrow decorations for the yard.  I was going to buy them, but they just looked so cheezy and cheap.  I have all the supplies to make them, but I haven't yet.  I plan to create them on my own, not following a pattern.  I then need to sew halloween costume, make a guest book for my sister's wedding, and finish writing out thank you cards for the kids' Christening (I already have made the cards).  Lots to do to keep up my creativity.  I just need to make sure that I maintain my enjoyment of creating and not let it get to be more of a chore than a pleasure.

Next time, Creativity!



  1. Glad you joined in Amy! Finding time to realize our desires can be hard, especially with a young family, but it sounds like you are accomplishing some of the "pebbles" that Martha Beck talks about with the desires you are fulfilling now. Knowing what your life's passion is and wanting to discover that is the big question for so many of us. Here's to finding our hearts desires and moving in to the creative way we can make that happen!

  2. Here's to discovering the soul's creative purpose.... I think it's wonderful that you were able to atleast identify a huge desire... that's huge! Many blessings to you as you follow your bliss and your dreams unfold....

  3. I'm glad you joined the Joy Journey! Noticing and following your desires will help guide you down the road to your purpose. Enjoy the journey :)