Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

I'm joining in again with for wishcasting Wednesday.  I love these questions to get your thought going!

What do you wish to say yes to?

I want to say yes to my true, authentic self.  What is that?  I am not totally sure, but I think I am someone who wants to always learn new things, things that aren't always the mainstream culture.  I want to say yes to being more spiritual, more natural, more creative.  I want to say yes to trying new things, to trying to use my love of creativity and natural health to help provide for my family.  I want to say yes to using my social work experience along with all of this if possible.  I will be learning more about aromatherapy (unfortunately through books and not classes) and will be taking a journaling class in December.  I wish to use this new information in all areas of my life.

I also wish to say yes to blogging about my true feelings without holding back.  I am realizing just how much I love blogging, my form of electronic journaling.  I still like to keep a handwritten journal, but I am finding my blogs to be more accessible at times.


1 comment:

  1. As Amy wishes for herself so I also wish for her!
    It's really a great practice to keep your handwritten journal & update the blog.