Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do I wish to let go of?  I'm joining in with for Wishcasting Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I think I tend to hold on to thing longer than I should.  Even when I think I have let go of different issues that come up in my life, I find that sometimes these issues come back to haunt me and I realize that I have just forgotten for a moment, but did not really let go.  Right now I think that the thing I need to let go of most is my frustration with my brother in law.  We have had issues in the past, and I have to admit that things are much better this time around, but things are still stressful with him as I'm sure he feels they are with me.  I think, no I know that I need to let go of things in the past with him and move forward on a more positive note.  I know that one thing that I need to let go of with him is the fact that he could make a living with his passion and he does not use it that way.  I think I know my passions but I don't think that I could really make a true living at it, at least not with a family.  I am trying to find a way to use what I am passionate about in a career setting, but I don't know if I will ever be able to do so.  I will continue to search for a career where I can be passionate about what I am doing, but I will really try to let go of my jealousy/envy of those who could have this but don't seem to want to use it.



  1. I can understand your frustration. Above all I hope you can find a job that utilises your passions! Let go the troubles with your brother-in-law and focus on you!

  2. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also Amy!

    Put it out to the Universe...squash the envy, and instead be inspired.


  3. As Amy wishes for herself, I lovingly wish for her also.

    That's a real good wish. Just send everything into the light and let go. You are not "them", you are yourself!

  4. Amy, when we judge something, we can't be open to it. The feelings you have about your b-i-l are really an opportunity to examine yourself and your hopes and desires.

    Once you realize it's about you, the static you feel about him dissolves because you're then on your way to doing your own work. He's but the's always about you! Always.

    I hope you take this opportunity to love yourself more!

    As Amy wishes rightly for herself, so I lovingly and with intention wish for her also!

  5. As Amy wishes for herself, I wish for her also!!
    A Wonderful powerful wish to move on!! May it come to you!
    Namaste, Sarah

  6. As Amy wishes for herself, I wish for her also. Letting go of expectations of others is very freeing. May you find opportunities that fuel your passion.

  7. As Amy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  8. As Amy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.
    May you find your dreams and passions.

  9. As you wish for yourself, I wish also.

    With Love & Light
    So Mote It Be!
    Mica aka LadySilverOak

  10. As Amy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    May your passion find expression in a way that nourishes and sustains you. May you be free of all you are letting go.

  11. Amy, that which you wish for, i wish for you also.

  12. As Amy wishes for herself, so do I wish for her as well. Cut any fear based cords to your B-I-L, and allow any voids to heal. Affirming you attract the perfect work that partners with your passion!