Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Blog Name

So I may have inadvertently made a mistake.  I changed the name of my blog and I'm not sure that anyone that follows me will know.  I don't have a ton of followers, so maybe it's not a big deal.  I can start fresh, but I will feel bad that the followers that I do have may not be able to continue to follow me now that the blog name and the address has changed.

One of my high school friends posted on Facebook that a friend of hers created a mobile for my friend's  daughter.  Along with that she posted info about her friend's etsy shop and her website.  Of course I looked and this just re-invigorated my desire for my own etsy shop, well that and the fact that one of my friends said I should have an etsy shop.  I decided that I would come up with a shop name and change the name of my blog to the name of my planned etsy shop.

So, here we are!  My etsy shop/"business" name is Amy Fratto Studios.  Not very creative, but simple and to the point.  Also it doesn't limit me to what I "specialize" in.  That could be good and bad.  I should probably have a specialty, and I guess I do: small, special gifts just made out of multiple different type of craft media.

Now, I just need to take the plunge and post something on etsy to sell.  I have a few personal projects that I need to work on.  I then need to take the plunge and start to market myself.  Maybe I will get to move forward with my dreams and passions!



  1. OOOOH! You know I was finally going through my blog reader mess today and this amy fratto studio came up and puzzled me. I'm so very glad I didn't delete it or anything!!! Congratualtions on full on opening your etsy shop Amy!!! That is super cool!

    Thank you too for your recent comments :) I'm the same way, pretty consist with reading blogs I love- like yours- but not always commenting.

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks T.J. You were definitely one person who I had hoped would still be able to follow. I haven't posted anything on etsy yet, but I hope to soon. I haven't been able to create much with my back. MRI today to hopefully figure out what is going on. I'm really excited about this and I hope that i can have fun with it!