Monday, February 6, 2012

Newest Projects Completed

Since I have a few goals that I am working on, I decided to take a look at my WIP's (works in progress).  I decided that I had 2 partial granny squares that actually just needed to have the ends weaved in and they would make perfect blankets, one for my 3 year old daughter, and one for her baby Belle.  This means, that I have 2 partial projects that are now complete and have homes.  Now on to either finishing more WIP's or starting new projects so that I can use up all the supplies that I have accumulated.  Maybe if I can get some things made that look nice, I can actually start my site.  I am definitely thinking making small quick projects that will be easy to complete and not take up too much time so that I can maybe make some money, instead of spending a ton of time trying to complete a project and then not being able to charge enough to make it worth it.

My daughter with her single granny square blanket

My daughter's baby Belle with her single granny square blanket

My twins with the single granny square blanket

On to completing more projects!



  1. YAYAY!! Doesn't it feel so good to have a lovely project AND be able to check it off the list?! I love the pattern!

    1. It feels great to have projects completed! Right now, I have started on Valentine's Day cards for the kiddos. Next will be for hubby and maybe even for my oldest at school. Then I will move onto making a granny afghan for each of the boys. Got to use up some of these supplies that I have if I ever want to buy more or get somewhat organized! Hope your well T.J.