Thursday, November 17, 2011

AEDM 11/17/2011

I am trying to be better and also in the same breath, trying to give myself a break when I don't find time or if I am just too tired to create.  I am still working on the advent calendar, and may need to re-do some of the ornament that I started ( I think they are too small), which is a good thing since I was thinking I hate working with things this small.  I also made a bracelet yesterday and really liked it, but again have to re-do it since I dropped the bracelet and one of the jasper stones broke.  The other thing that I did was make my first ever gluten free pie!  It came out ok and figures that my son I made it for has no interest in  eating it.  I am reading one of my jewelry books to get inspired to make some gifts, especially for the teachers in my kids lives.  I am off now to play with my older son and maybe even create with him while the twins are taking their nap (or at least are having quiet time)!

My newest bracelet



  1. Your bracelet looks great! Congrats on a gluten free pie that you like - cooking gluten free is a complicated art in itself!

  2. Your home page is beautiful with gorgeous colors and textures and your bracelet is delicate and pretty. Have a great day!