Thursday, November 3, 2011

AEDM (art every day month)

I decided to join in with art every day month at  This will hopefully help me follow through with what I wrote about yesterday, nourishing my soul with my creativity.  Every day for the month of November, I will be attempting to do something creative.  It may not be a finished project, but it will definitely be the start of something, or it just may be creating a new recipe for dinner.  I was supposed to start November 1st, but I ended up getting sick and had literally no energy to even think about creating until today, and today, I was pretty good!

During nap time, I attempted soldering.  For my first time, it came out pretty good.  Of course, I can't find what I did to take a picture of, but I hopefully saved two beads that were broken.  Then later this afternoon, while we were outside, I decided to start carving one of my Christmas gifts for the kids.  I decided to try out this tutorial,  I still have a lot to finish, and I really want to do more wood carving, but I really enjoyed it.

I have wanted to carve for a long time, since I was a little kid, probably 30 years ago.  I bought carving tools probably about 5 years ago, then I got into grad school, then I got married, then I had my first son, then I had twins.  I've been pretty busy and haven't done any carving since I bought my tools.  Now that I have kids, I have the perfect reason to start, Christmas gifts.  Duo Fiberworks has a number of food tutorials that I want to attempt and then there are links for other food tutorials that I will be attempting.  Probably a lot, ok pretty much all of what I write will be about Christmas gifts.  After Christmas, I am hoping to work on building a supply so that I can sell on at my page PixieWindow, but I haven't had a chance to post anything.  I am hoping to also maybe try a craft fair!

Here's my first attempt at carving in process:



  1. soldering and carving... I could lose a limb if I tried either of these... you are brave xx

  2. Glad you're trying carving, I really enjoy it. Hope the tutorials are helpful.