Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change The World Wednesday (a day late)

This weeks challenge is a really appropriate challenge for me.  Zero Waste Week 2011 started September 5th and the goal over at is how can I reduce my waste away from from home.  This challenge is really appropriate since I have been rediculously horrible about eating out, wasting food, and buying coffee/tea out.  When I look in my recycling bin, and the fact that I recycle is the only saving grace for me, I cringe when I see how many plastic cups are in there.  That means I have wasted a ton of money by buying coffee/tea out instead of making it at home and I am using way too many plastic containers.  I have tried to make this change earlier in the summer, but I haven't really succeeded.  My new goal is to either make my drinks at home or at least being a reusable mug with me instead of using a "disposable" cup/mug.  I have also been buying too much soda and since I want not only reduce my soda intake, but actually eliminate it, I will make sure that I bring at least one of my many water bottles that I fill at home from our filtered water system.  I will also make sure that I continue to buy healthy frozen juice concentrate for the kids to help reduce plastic waste.  I have been horrible about eating out also.  This means that I use disposable products more than someone who eats home more often.  I will be planning better so that I don't feel like I have to eat out because I don't have a meal planned, there by reducing my waste and saving money.

Since the above goals will take some planning on my part, I will be forced, in a good way, to plan my meals and my liquids so that I don't feel the need to stop at a store/take out place to get either food or drink.  I will be forced to plan my grocery list there by saving money, eating healthier, and hopefully reducing my food waste.  I am totally guilty of buying food that I forget about and then have to throw it away because it has gone bad. 

I am hoping that these zero waste week 2011 goals will not only help reduce waste, but increase my wallet and help to make me healthier.  Hopefully is will also help with my stress since i will have my meal planning done and I will be saving money as well as helping the earth!



  1. These are fabulous goals and will reduce a lot of waste. I think you've hit on the key ... planning ahead. When I think back to a time when I bought bottled water and lattes while I was driving, I realize that it wasn't so much that I couldn't make it myself or, as you said, bring a reusable container, it was that I just never planned it. Now I do and the big surprise was how much money I saved by doing it. That has held true with my grocery shopping, as well. These days I make purchases with menus, or at least possible menus, in mind. During the week, I really don't have to stress about what to cook or whether I have the ingredients I need. It's all there and in the back of my mind I already have the menu. That has also saved me money because I don't waste food (buying and then not using) and I don't have to run to the store for one or two things (which always leads to buying seven or eight more things).

    I hope you'll do an update on your progress. If you're like me then it's more a matter of just creating some new habits. :-)

  2. We´ve been reducing our plastics too and that means a healthier planet and a healthier family. :)
    As Amy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  3. brilliant pledge, thanks Amy. You've shown such self awareness; taking a look at what is in our landfill and recycling bins can teach us such a lot about those little things we do automatically. I hope the meal planning works for you and can't wait to read some updates!

    Rae aka mrs green

  4. Bravo! How good of you and how brave! Zero waste is hard!

    BTW, have you thought about adding an option to subscribe to your blog via email? I find that the ones I get in email are the ones I'm most likely to remember to read!

    Kudos! From fellow twin mom!