Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back on Track Progress

So we have walked 2 out of 3 days this week.  Michael was sick today and the weather totally didn't cooperate either so no exercise.  Hopefully we'll be back out tomorrow.  Eating is getting better, but not perfect.  I start with the best of intentions, but a lot of times they fall apart.  i am getting better though.  I have stuff in the house that I probably should through out, but I don't want to waste the food, even thought it isn't necessarily good food.  My goal is that I will not buy anything that is not going to be good for me to out in my body!  I want to continue to do better with making food at home including bread, good for you ice cream, yogurt and so much more.  I have a friend in my twins group who is definitely am inspiration to me.  She is much younger than me, but is so right on the money when it comes to living the lifestyle that I want to.  Hopefully, these small steps that I am taking will get me to the place I want to be and since they are small steps, hopefully I'll be able to maintain the lifestyle that I want to lead!



  1. I will be keeping tabs on this one!

  2. I know the food thing- we are at a point when on a regular basis, there are only healthy things in the house. I suppose this is said with a grain of salt because things like cookies aren't really "healthy" but the rule is if it's homemade with raw, unprocessed ingredients then we can eat it :). The thing is when company arrives (mainly my well meaning family members who don't "get" us) they bring all kinds of processed foods, canned goods, cheap meat... the things which we try to avoid (at least most days ;) ) It wouldn't be that bad but they bring SURPLUS so that "we can have it for the weeks to come" and they don't hear me when I try to gently say we won't possibly get through it all.

    There is no great solution, but I try to pass on the food to friends who do like the stuff or to our local food pantry if it is canned goods etc. I feel a bit better knowing other peoples might enjoy it even if my particular family does not ( I also always feel guilty like I should be not letting others eat the stuff since I don't believe in it, but then I realize that's they're prerogative).