Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eating beef

So, last night, I attempted to eat some beef that I had in the freezer.  It was the first time that I had eaten meat since I watched Food Inc.  I knew that the movie had affected me, but I had no idea how much.  I could barely choke down 1/2 of the small piece that I had.  My husband and son scoffed down theirs, plus my husband ate mine.  I ate my mashed potatoes and my kohlrabi, but even had a hard time with that since I really didn't like eating the beef.  I am pretty much off meat now and have little to no desire to have any.  I will cook it for my husband and the kids, but at the moment, that is it.  I am trying to find any good vegetarian recipes.  Mainly because I have no idea how to eat vegetarian and be healthy, but also because I want to be adventurous and try new things.  I am thinking about maybe going back to work either nights or weekends to help contribute to the family, but really have no desire to do therapy.  Part of me thinks that I would love to do some sort of grass roots community organizing surrounding the whole organic, green, lifestyle, helping people to become more educated about their health and well being!


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