Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going Vegetarian Part 2

I wrote earlier about going vegetarian and at that point in time didn't think that it was something that I could realistically do.  Well, I watched Food Inc. over the weekend and am way more convinced to either go vegetarian or drastically cut my meat intake and start eating grass fed beef and free range chickens.  The biggest problem at this point is that it is so expensive.  We are a family of 5 on a teacher's salary.  Not really conducive to eating that way.  I have certainly cut back on the amount of meat intake that our family eats, now it is time to cut back even more.  I need to start leaning how to incorporate more beans into our dinners.  I think the other reason that I think that I can do the vegetarian thing now is because I have been cooking more things with beans as the main ingredients and I have been loving what I have made.  I am becoming much more adventurous in my eating and cooking and that is a great thing.  I really think that it is important to eat healthy foods and eat foods that are grown/raised in a humane healthy way.  I have 2 vegetarian cookbooks and I also will be visiting more vegetarian websites.  I am also hoping that along with health benefits, there will be benefits to our pockets also.  Along with going vegetarian, I plan to do more with either buying clothes at consignments stores, yard sales, from other twin mom's and using less clothing.  I don't need a closet full of clothes that the kids' won't be able to wear because there is too much. I also want to continue to do more with making my own things instead of buying them at a huge corporate store.  I also want to try to use small stores more than the large stores if I need to buy things (if I can afford it or if possible).  I want to do the whole reduce, re-use, recycle idea more.  This will fit more into my philosophy in life.   I need to actually act on my beliefs, not just have beliefs!



  1. Another good source of vegetable protein in quinoa. Is crazy inexpensive, cooks fast (enough) and has nutty flavor to it. Compares to rice as an ingredient.

    As for beans, this is a great time of year to try out different chili recipes. Hearty soups are great, too, and its easy to sneak lots of veggies in them. Your crockpot will be your best friend. On the "how does your garden grow" blog, there is an awesome recipe for garbanzo beans with chard - I make it about once a month (maybe more) and my kids eat it too. Also, if you make your own beans from scratch (long process but mostly time, not labor) you can get a much better flavor than from the can. And your homemade beans will taste great pureed and put on a quesadilla!

    As for the expensive beef and chicken thing - ya, its tough. I settle for lowly cuts or ground beef and turn them into yummy recipes where beef is merely an ingredient, not the star of the show like we are used to at steak houses.

  2. Nicole- Thanks for the reminder about quinoa. I need to make that more often. My goal is to use the crock pot more often and make different kinds of chili and soups. Do you buy all your meat at Whole foods? Do you have any good recipes suggestions or books or websites? I'll have to try the garbanzo beans and chard recipe. I just made an awesome white bean and kale tomato soup in the crock pot. The kids loved it too.