Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vegetarianism Saga

I have been thinking a lot about some of the comments from my vegetarianism posts and really appreciate all the thoughtful comments and suggestions that people have made.  I have long wanted to eat a better more healthy diet and watching Food Inc. made me feel that way even more!  My family and I have cut way back on the amount of meat that we consume and since the movie, I have stopped enjoying meat the way I used to.  At this point, I do think that going 100% vegetarian is a difficult task for me.  I am slowly starting to eat meat again and I am planning on, like so many have mentioned,  making sure that meat is not the main part of my family's meals.  I am hoping that with meat being a minor part in the meals, I can actually get meats that are better for us to consume, such as: free range chicken, grass fed cows, pork, and not that it is meat, but getting eggs from free range chickens.  This means that hopefully the animals have been treated humanely.  I have never thought that I would be a PETA type person, but after watching the movie and seeing how animals are treated and hearing the comment about how we treat animals can be a reflection on how we treat each other, I am reconsidering how I feel.  We have such a disconnect from not only animals and our environment, but also from each other.  Maybe if we start treating the earth and animals better, we will start treating each other better.

I'll now get off my soapbox and stop my rant, not that I meant this post to be a rant, but I guess sometimes that's where the thoughts go.  I guess after all of this I am what society now calls a flexitarian.  I guess that means someone who, like me, is looking to decrease the amount of meat in their diet.


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