Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Julie and Julia

I just watched this movie last night and was so impressed with the blogging idea and how it gave Julie something to write about.  I absolutely love to journal and to blog.  I do love my hand written journaling, but really like the online world of blogging.  Sometimes though, I don't always have something to write about.  This is the reason that I have absolutely loved Wishcasting Wednesday.  It gave me ideas on what to write about.

Now that I have watched Julie and Julia, I am thinking about writing on this blog daily.  I am thinking that I can write about my creative life.  I have a book of 365 creative ideas.  I am thinking about doing something creative every day and writing about it.  I am considering using this book for ideas when there is a creative block.  I want to make sure that I do something creative every day.  This means, scrapbooking, make jewelry, sewing, knitting, card making, and even cooking something new (not some recipe or a variation there of),  or even creating some new home health product with herbs or aromatherapy.  I will still write on my thiscrazylife-amy.blogspot.com but will use this one daily.

I actually am questioning if I should start a new blog for this reason.  If I start a new blog, I will make sure that I  write on this blog so that there is a direction to read what is happening.

Wish me luck on my daily creative adventure!


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