Friday, February 15, 2013

My Latest Projects

I have been trying to make a point to create more often.  I had a period where I was just too tired to complete anything.  I know how much better I feel better I feel when I make a point to create.

My recent projects have included a mug rug swap, embroidery for my daughter's room, some English paper piecing, some Valentine's day projects, and most recently a Japanese stab binding book.  I am really trying to do something create every day!

Fairy Embroidery for my daughter's room

2nd Fairy (not yet complete)

English paper pieced flower hexagon

English paper pieced flower

Valentine's Day fabric card

Inside of Valentine's day fabric card

Valentine's Day post card

Glued English paper pieced shaped

English paper pieced solar system star

All the Valentine's day projects I worked on

Japanese stab binding book (I've been wanting to learn more about book binding.  I already have a tool case with book binding supplies!)

Some quilt history reading

Some fabric painting reading

Some fabric dyeing reading

Mug rug I made for my swap

Not only have I been actually making things, I have been reading about how to color my own fabric and learning about the history of quilt making.  I am hoping to buy some fabric dyes and paints and start creating my own fabric.  

I have been having a great time being creative and can't wait to continue!

Happy Creating,

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