Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Progress

So I have made some progress with my diet changes.  I have been having a green smoothie every day, at least at some point during the day.  If I can eat it for breakfast, it really helps me to think about what else goes in my mouth for the rest of the day.  I have actually been able to lose a few pounds.  Nothing grand, but my docotor noticed it when I took the kids to their appointment today!  I need to make sure that I keep drinking my raw green smoothies and then coninue to make more changes as time goes on.  I need to continue to remove dairy from my diet and now I need to add gluten to that for both me and the kids.

Eliminating dairy for the kids has been an absolute success in my mind.  Michael is breathing better, sleeping better, more social, less skin issues etc.  Why would I ever give him dairy again?  The other two kids are also not ingesting any dairy either, but there have not been as marked chages in them as with Michael!  Eva Rose is not gainign weight like one would expect, but really seems to be doing well with every day life.  The boys are still on the small side, but seem to be growing on their curve.  Their doctor said that their head circumference is on target which is a good sign.  I'm really not worried.  I have come to realize that I don't have chucky monkey babies.  I have small skinny active babies that just would rather be on the move than eat.

As of right now, I am exhausted.  I really need to make a point of going to bed early tonight.  Befoe I do that, I really need to plan out my grocery list for tomorrow.  I need to have a plan in place to buy the food that I need for the week and not over spend on things that will just get wasted.  I need to plan some meat meals for the kids so that they will have a little bit better of an intake.  I need to plan more bean meals for me and my husband.  I need to plan some non dairy, non gluten desserts/snacks that will help keep me on track and do better for the kids.  Hopefully another post soon will be total progress, not just some.

I really need to work on my for my swap.  I need to get some tuck in together and get the package ready to mail.  I love doing swaps since it forces me to complete projects.  I have so many projects in the works it isn't even funny.  I'll just keep plugging away and hopefully get some more completed!


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