Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthy Eating

Wow, I wasn't kidding when I said I have food addictions.  I am actually amazed at how significant they are.  I actually went to Mc Donald's for lunch today with the kids.  How bad is that?  I write how I am going to start eating healthier and I take my kids to Mc Donald's.  This really has to stop.  As of right now, not tomorrow, not in the next couple of hours but right now, I am going to change my eating.  I have been reading too many blogs of people who have made the changes and made them stick to not make the change myself.  There is no turning back.  Unfortunately, I am going to a wake and a funeral the next 2 days and they will have a ton of food there.  I am not looking forward to not eating all of the foods that I will want to eat, but I really need to start these changes and I can no longer say "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I'll do it when the time it right".  There is no right time.  The right time is now.  I want to start my day off with a green smoothie, and maybe even have another one for lunch.  I need to plan how to deal with the wake and the food after the wake, but if I have a plan in place, I know I can handle it.  If I am thinking that I want to, someday, maybe do nutritional counseling, I really need to focus on getting my own health and life in order.  I need to start exercising too and I will, but I just need to focus on the eating piece right now and then I will get the exercise piece down too.  It all goes hand in hand.  If I eat right I will have energy for exercising.  If I exercise, I'll want to continue to eat right.  no more Mc Donald's.  The last thing I need to do is get my kids hooked on that kind of crap!  I think the next thing I need to do is get a plan in place, what do I need to do to get to what my goals are.  Actually, I should probably get my goals prepared and then figure out how to get there.  My next step is to write down my goals and then write down exactly what I am going to do to meet my goals.  Wish me luck.  I am off to do some goal setting and then some research on how to meet those goals!



  1. Before we go out somewhere where we know there is going to be all types of food we tend to eat before leaving the house. Of course we don't eat meat so a lot of food is not an issue for us but it does help us prevent over eating the bad stuff like chips, cakes, cookies, etc....

    We do go out to a couple of places to eat. We tend to eat at a Chinese Buffet often. But my daughter and I tend to only eat from the Hibachi Grill. The other is an all you can eat salad place (they do have soups and pastas and breads). I grab two plates going through the line and pile them full of salad. I very rarely eat the soups (but they did have an Irish Potato Leek Soup that was good recently) and eat the pasta even less.. Now.. for the bread.. Their blueberry muffins are addictive.. I do go over board and eat 3 small muffins. :-)

  2. For me it's the planning piece of things. We are not really eating meat either, but that's pretty much at home. I need to be better when we go out. I figure if I make small step and make it a lifestyle change, then maybe it will stick.