Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CTWW: Proudest Green Acheivement

Once again I am joining in the change the world Wednesday.  This week we are asked to talk about our proudest green acheivement.  For me, my proudest acheivement is making many green changes over time and actually sticking with those changes.  For some things, I still have a ways to go, but for other areas, I am truly happy with what I have acheived. 

One thing I have started doing is looking at what health and beauty items I use and how I can make greener choices.  I have attempted to make sure that the products I use are as natural as possible, and if I can I like to make my own products so that I know what healthy green ingredients are going into them.  I also hope that I can reduce packaging by making my own products.  Currently, I am using baking soda and essential oils for toothpaste, coconut oil/baking soda/corn starch/essential oils for deodorant, soaps with natural ingredients (I hope to make my own someday soon).  I am always on the look out for new recipes to try so that I can be more green and more healthy.

I try to be very conscious about recycling.  I try to make sure that if we can recycling things in our recycling bin, we do so.  We currently have a house guest who does not seem to get the recycling piece of things, even though he likes to think that he is really green.  I have made sure that the containers that he uses get recycled along with what we use.

Last year we started our first garden.  Along with starting our garden, we started to compost.  Our neighbor was looking to get rid of a composter and gave it to us.  Not only did it help us financially (since we didn't have to pay for it), we were able to keep an old composter (that still had years of working time) in use.  We now compost everything that is able to go into the compost bin. 

These are just a couple of changes that I have made, but I think the biggest change I have made with regards to going green, is I now think before I act.  I may not always make the best choice, but it is a conscious thought out choice and I try to make the most eco-conscious choice I can depending on the situation at hand.

What are you most proud green accomplishments?



  1. AWESOME!! You really have made such strides! Hmm, for me, I think my most recent is switching to homemade all natural deodorant. Not that it's a huge deal in how it helps the Earth, but every little bit helps right and I love that I can make it myself. There's green ownership in that ;)

    Happy fourth to you!

  2. So many times we do things on "auto-pilot" ... not really thinking about what we're doing ... just doing. For me it was tossing things into the trash ... it was such an automatic movement and I didn't think about it at all. When I stopped to consider the item in my hand, I found that I could reuse it or compost it ... something other than send it to the landfill. Your proudest achievement is HUGE. Imagine what would happen if we each stopped to think about our actions before taking them. Wow!