Sunday, July 26, 2009

Newest Changes

Well, we decided to try cloth diapers, at least with our oldest. It's probably really crazy to want to attempt cloth diapers with all 3, but I really would feel great if they were all in cloth. Neither birth went the way I wanted it to and I was unable to nurse like I wanted to. So I hope that I can at least do some things that are more natural and better for them like cloth diaper and natural products that hopefully will be better for their skin. It's a work in progress and i have to say, my oldest's skin is so much better looking after 2 days with mostly cloth.

We also started planting flowers in the front of the house. They are mostly cutting from other people's gardens. I really like that most of the plants are not from big industrial chain stores, but from other's back/front yards. Yes, I am well aware that they all probably started at those big chain stores, but I like not propagating the use of chain stores when I can hlelp it.

Wish me luck with the changes that I am making and hope to make in the future!


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