Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The handmade life

Am I crazy? My goal is to be less dependent on stores for made items. I want to buy the raw material and then make things on my own. I have already started with some hair wax. So far so good. I have been making my own jewelry for sometime now and have also made a few things, like curtains, for the house. I hope to teach my children the value of being less commercial and more community sustaining, along with creating handmade things yourself. Since I have a son 16 months and girl/boy twins 6 months, I am undertaking a huge task. At this point though, I feel like I need to start somewhere. If I can't do all I want now, then I can start small and do more as things in life hopefully get easier. This blog is to document the trials and tribulations of attempting to be less dependent on the large commercial stores and items. I'm sure there will be ups and down like all of life, but I feel that it is important to try and support either handmade/home grown or your community. There will be certain things that I will still be buying commercially, but I hope to decrease it's amount.

Wish me luck,

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