Monday, September 3, 2012

First Sewing Pattern of the Month

So, it's national sewing month and my goal this month is to do some sewing everyday.  It's Labor Day weekend and my husband heads back to school tomorrow.  I didn't do any sewing today, but I did get my hexagon project case started.  I made a few templates and put them along with some material into a case.  Unfortunately I didn't get much else done.  I really need to get that finished so that I can have a travel case with a project to take with me if I go anywhere, where I can get some sewing done.  I am using this blog post to help me:

My next project, I think, is going to be something for my son's preschool class.  I had bought some material at the end of the year but never did anything with it.  Then, the other day, I found this on interest:




I have plenty of project that I need to work on and finish.  I am hoping that national sewing month will help me do what I need to do to get projects complete and actually work on things that I enjoy!

Happy Sewing!!!!


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