Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making Time!

I'm still trying to figure out what window opened after I lost my job.  Granted it was only a part time job, but it brought in enough money to make life a little easier.  Now, we don't have that extra income, but I am home for dinner and hopefully to make life a little easier from a functional stand point.  I am trying to ask the universe to wither give me another opportunity that is the same time wise, or to give me a knew opportunity to take advantage of this break in work.

I am trying to make time to be creative.  I am hoping that I can make some Christmas gifts, and that in the process, I can hone my skills so that I can maybe sell things.  I keep thinking about what my dreams and passions are, and how I can make them a reality.  Do I really want to create and sell?  Do I want to just hold classes and teach crafts?  If that is the case, I really have to hone my skills and learn how to teach.  I would also have to learn how to market myself.  I think in reality, I would love to teach classes, or have something more like open studio time or simple craft parties where people get together and create while spending some quality time with each other and/or learning how to use creativity for stress relief.

In either case, I really need to make time to create.  I need to create for my own sanity and stress relief.  I need to create to hone my skills and really be sure that what I do is worth giving as a gift and worth selling.  I need to create to actually make things to sell.  I really need to spend some time getting creative!

The other thing that I really need to make time for is my health.  I have been really bad with my diet.  Have I spent time eating the way I should?  No!  Have I really taken the time to eat healthy?  Some what but not really where I should be.  Have I spent time planning out our meals so that I know what we are eating, so I know we are eating healthy, so I am spending money wisely?  I have been better, but not as good as I should be!  I really need to plan my meals and really work on making food that is enjoyable to eat, healthy, and cost effective!  I really want to learn more about herbs and essential oils and how to make beauty products that will help me and not cause problems due to different additives.

All of this means that I really need to prioritize my time so that I can hopefully take advantage of any window that opens (as well as taking care of my responsibilities), now that the door has shut!


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