Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Changes Happen

As those who have been following along know, I am and have been attempting to change my eating habits.  I am making some definite progress, but I still have a great way to go.  I have a new motivation though!  My children, or should I say my oldest son.  All of my children have a speech delay.  They are all very active kids.  Now you can say that they are not quite 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 (twins) years old and I absolutely agree!  I am no where saying that I have issues with hyperactive kids, I just have kids that are more active than those kids that enjoy sitting and doing quiet activities.  With my oldest, there has been some question (on my husband's part because I know nothing about this) of autism.  I have asked his early intervention speech therapist who said no.  I have asked the school teacher, more braodly, if they felt that his speech delay was a symptom of something else.  Again the answer was no.  My husabnd still has some concerns that there is more to him that has been diagnosed, and on some level I wonder too.  But, on the other side, I wonder if there are foods that are making things worse and that it is more of a food reaction than an actual diagnosed illness.

Since I am trying to eat a certain way, and since that way of eating can only help my children, especially my oldest, I am motivated now to really look at what my meal plan consists of.  Instead of just flying by the seat of my pants, which no matter how hard I try I never seem to get a plan in place, I meed to actually menu plan and plan along the lines of a diet that may benefit me and my children.  Even if there is no change to their behavior, their speech, or anything else, at least I know that it is a healthy way to eat.

At this point, I am looking to eliminate gluten and sugar, and we have already eliminated dairy (for the most part).  I say that we have eliminated dairy for the most part because, ingeneral we don't give the kids any dairy, but then once in a while they will have it if we are at a party, or now that it's summer we will have ice cream once in a while, but now where near the 7+ gallons of milk we were consuming prior to giving up dairy.

I am looking for good tried and true recipes.  I have some cookbooks and blogs that I really like, but I really want to make things that me and my family will enjoy.  If anyone has favorites, please send them my way!



  1. Amy, I don't have any recipes to share (as of yet), but I am so supportive of what you're doing. I actually am a speech therapist, and I WISH that more parents of the children I see would consider diet modifications. I'm not saying there is any guarantee because I feel like every "body" is different, but I feel like it is definitely worth a try. And, it's a lot cheaper than meds, doctor visits, ongoing therapy, etc. Please keep me posted on the results. Oh, p.s. I am dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free (almost) as well. I hope to post some recipes on my blog in the future. Here it is: http://healthyheartandsoul.blogspot.com/

  2. Great job about giving up most of the dairy... We finally cut out most dairy. We are now using Veggie Cheese. We now drink Almond milk too. Gave up the lactaid and the soy milk. However, when we go out we will still allow dairy in moderation... Usually just cheese.