Sunday, October 31, 2010

Newest Projects

So Halloween has come and gone.  I thankfully finished the 3 costumes that I was trying to finish for this Halloween.  They all came out really good.  I was so pleased.  We had a great time trick or treating around the neighborhood and loved sharing this holiday with the kids.

This was one of the costumes that I made
This was another one that I made

Family Halloween picture (I made the vest and skirt of my costume also)

I am participating in my first apron swap.  I can't wait!  I thought that after this rush on Halloween costumes, I wasn't willing to sew much more right now, but after I finished the costumes and all was good, I am ready to sew again!  I am joining in at .  I am looking forward to getting an apron also.  I am trying to do more cooking and my nana always used to stay to always wear an apron.  I will certainly wear one now after I get my first swap and then I will try to make my own aprons too!  There is also a contest sponsored by where a beautiful snowflake is being raffled to those participating in the swap.

I will be working on a few other projects too.  Hopefully some X-mas gifts will get done so that I can feel good about giving handmade things for the holidays.  I have a wine bottle sack on the needles and I am going to make a couple of scrapbooks for family members as well as an embroidering handprints of the kids.  I still have a bunch of ideas to figure out!


As an aside, I had a tough day yesterday with eating and really paid for it.  I felt pretty miserable last night and am really trying hard to eat the things that I should be!


  1. Good luck with the eating...being pregnant again has thrown a serious wrench in my habits!

    As for Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays! The kids looove it too! Your costumes are fantastic! Seeing a pic of daddy really ties all those kids in to your family...they look like both of you, from what I can tell, but seeing him just pulls the whole family pic together!

  2. Hey, and the gifts...sounds like you have a LOT on your plate for having a set of twins and another small child and your job...just don't be too hard on yourself, if you don't get the chance to complete everything you had hoped to! Anything will be an accomplishment!