Friday, October 15, 2010

Creative Projects

I have a ton of projects in the works.  First and most important are the kids' Halloween costumes.  I need to make all of Thomas' pirate costume, wings for Eva Rose, and a pirate hat for Michael.  I have to decide on what I am making people for Christmas this year.  I have a few ideas mostly scrapbooking and knitting, that I think will go over really well.  I may even try some jewelry too.  Unfortunately, I have all these ideas and not enough time to do them.

I have plans to get together with a friend weekly so that I can spend at least a couple of a week creating.  I just have to plan what to work on first.  In the past when we have gotten together, we have done similar projects, or at least the same craft.  I am thinking that this time, we can do what ever we want depending on waht each of us needs or wants to work on.

I'd like to spend more time creating.  I'd love to spend some time going through my supplies and prganizing them better, so that I know what I have and what I need to get.  I would love to know where to go to get what I need when I need it, instead of spending way too much time trying to figure out where things are.  I need to get a little more organized in my daily life (which is starting) so that I can maybe I can multi-task a little.  I am spending way too much time watching tv with out doing anything productive.

I will find time to get more creative and get more organized so that I can be more creative!


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