Monday, October 18, 2010

Creative Inspiration

I've decided that I love reading blogs!  I especially love reading creative, health, and food related blogs.  My newest blog that I love to read is .  I literally just started reading this blog today after seeing the blog owner, Marisa Lynch, on The Early Show this morning.    This blogger decided that she was going to make a new dress every day out of things that she finds at thrift store, flea markets etc.  She stated that she decided to do this most likely since she was turning thirty, she was laid off from her job and she was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia.  So far, she has done a dress/article of clothing a day, and from what I can see, she hasn't spent more than three dollars on the item that she refashions.  She is a total inspiration to me.

After seeing this blogger, I started to get re-energized about my blog that I had started January 1st.  Unfortunately, that blog did not go the way I planned.  Why I thought that I would have time to create very day with three little ones under two (at the time I started this), I have no idea.  Initially, I had the same inspiration as Marisa Lynch, the movie Julie and Julia.  I started out thinking that I would at least work on a project every day hopefully completing these projects sooner than later or letting them become UFO's, unfinished objects.  Unfortunately, this was too much for me to take on and I just stopped.  I kept up with my other blogs, but let that one fall by the wayside.  I plan to start that blog again.  I may not write every day, but for my own sanity, I plan to attempt to craft every day and post comments and pictures as often as I can.  This blog is at .

I plan to be creative, finish projects, use the supplies I have, and get organized while doing this.  I think that using what I have is going to be a huge deal.  I have so many supplies and unfortunately thay are not as organized as they could be so I often go and spend more money and take up more space than I should.  Using what I have and if I don't have the exact item that I need, I will look to see if I have an alternative so that I can be a little more green with my crafting.

As an aside- I have been cooking mroe and trying out new recipes.  I am loving trying new things, so I am really being creative in different areas of my life.  I am also working hard at eating healthier and I do well sometimes and then other time not so well.  It is always a work in progress and will probably always be something I struggle with.


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