Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Craft Projects

I am almost finished with Thomas' halloween costume.  I tried it on him and it actually fit really well.  I'm not the best at sewing clothing so the fact that it looked good and fit makes me so happy!  I feel bad that I only made his costume, but then again, he is always the one getting hand me downs given that he has an older brother and his siter is the only girl.  Both the boys are going to be pirates.  I got Michael's costume from another twin mom and tried it on him today.  Man, was he adorable, like a little man.  Eva Rose is going to be a fairy.  I got a perfect dress as a hand me down.  I added a long sleeve top and some wings and it is perfect!  I just need to think if she is going to need a head piece, but I think no!  Probably won't keep it on anyway.

My other project that I am working on is a wine carrier for a Christmas gift.  I know the recipient isn't going to read this blog, but just in case I won't mention who it's for.  This will be my handmade addition to the gift giving season along with a bottle of wine.  I just now need to make sure that I can make gifts for everyone else in some fashion.

I am really into sewing lately, but also into knitting.  I need to get into scrapbooking and want to get a computer program so that I have moer opportunity to scrapbook and not have to take out and spend time doing traditional scrapbooking.  A friend of mine has iscrapbook and I think that is the program that I want.  I have been playing with a trial version and am really enjoying it.  I think you can still be creative and yet use technology to your advantage.

I have a lot of planning to do with regards to what projects I am going to work on and in what order.  I need to get some Christmas gifts made, especially since I want to make most of them.  I am now setting aside 2 hours every week to get together with a friend and create.  I am really enjoying having that time set aside.

I am now off to create!


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