Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making Changes

I wrote yesterday's post about things I wanted to say no to.  Today, I've been thinking about some of the things that I wrote about.  One of the biggest things that I've thought about was saying no to foods that are bad for me and saying yes to foods that are good for me!  I haven't made the best choices today, but it is never a good idea to just say "I screwed up, so let's continue to screw up!".  I had a piece of birthday cake that was way bigger than it should have been and now I feel like crap.  I should never have eaten it.  I wish my husband had taken the cake to work instead of leaving it in the fridge.  I am making black bean soup for dinner.  It's part of the South Beach Diet.  As much as I know it will be difficult, I know that I need to stop the unhealthy carb addiction that I have.  I know that is one of the things that is keeping me from losing the weight that I want and need to.  Can I do this?  Can I stop eating starchy carbs for 2 weeks so that I can get my body and mind back to were it should be?  I know that there are lots of people that think that I am crazy and I know that there are lots of diets out there that are crazy diets.  I just know that I need to do something to change this craziness.


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