Friday, August 28, 2009


I made the natural deodorant and was not expecting great things given my past experience with natural deodorants. I was pleasantly surprised that this actually worked. I wore it all day yesterday and after taking care of 3 kids and doing errands all day, by bedtime I was still smelling just fine. I even made my husband check to see if it was working and he said it was. This has definitely spurned me on to making more of my own natural products. I need to find out more about essential oils and maybe try my hand at actual soap making. I have heard really good things about natural soap and how much better it is for your skin. Then there is always the cost benefit from making your own never mind using the best products that you can find vs leaving up to other to decide what average or below average product they want to use. So at this point I have made my own hair wax and my own deodorant and am on to making my own cologne.

Wish me luck in this endeavor,
Amy is the website that I got the recipe!

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